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The Purse Affair featured on The Sydney Morning Herald

by Alex Leung 01 Oct 2020

An expert’s guide to buying luxury items online

Published: 25 August 2020

Angela Leung is the co-founder of The Purse Affair, Australia’s largest and most trusted online platform for the sale and purchase of pre-loved luxury designer handbags.Here are her top six tips for making safe and legitimate purchases online:

Investigate the authentication process

When making a substantial purchase over the internet consumers should not feel in the dark about a company’s authentication process. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Compare the images to the description

Take the time to really read the product description and ensure it is in line with the product photos.

If you believe an online seller has swindled or mislead you, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is an incredible resource that you can make reports to.

Read reviews (and then some more)

Reviews are the closest alternative to touching or seeing a product in real life.

According to Leung, all credible online retailers should boast reviews across a broad range of platforms including Google. A lack of reviews or overly perfect reviews is usually a red flag.

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